Social Furniture (Vienna, AT)

In September 2017, we went to Vienna to visit Harald Gründl of EOOS and IDRV, and his project Social Furniture.

We had known about Social Furniture for a while, and the designs that spurred from that project were in part adopted and replicated or improved to construct QuerciaLAB the previous year.

One year after the end of the 2016 Architecture Biennale, in the framework of which Social Furniture started, the project is hosted by Open Marx, an open-air maker space / cultural centre / event venue made of reclaimed ship containers, sometimes stacked one upon each other, to which wooden structures like pergolas, fences and platforms were added.

SF exists in the form of a carpentry practice consisting of EOOS (on the whole project management side), two workshop leaders, a varying group of people with asylum seeker status interested in carpentry, and a portion of Open Marx made of a carpentry workshop-turned container, an outdoor courtyard, a good set of tools and a considerable amount of materials and finished pieces of furniture stacked in the courtyard.

After having worked for more than a year inside the refugee shelter Haus Erdberg, building furniture with its inhabitants, the project was “evicted” from the building because of health and safety reasons and now is operative here, 15 minutes by foot from Haus Erdberg. Social Furniture works on commission by different clients, for example charieties, private clients or museums.

As for the other case studies, also in this case we mapped the economies gravitating around Social Furniture.