La Foresta – accademia di comunità

Since August 2017 |

La Foresta – accademia di comunità – The Forest – community academy – is a still embryonic long-term project that will eventually lead to the establishment of a “community economies resource and research centre” in a 150 m2 space (+ 130 m2 outdoor space) that is part of the train station of Rovereto.

The project is a collaboration with an initial network of about 20 people (many known through previous practical instalments of the research), with the participation of local associations and the municipality of Rovereto and of the national rail company. The people who are part of the network are engaged in cultural animation, education, supporting migrants, permaculture, making and hacking, coding, research and art & design.

Visit (the project website, in Italian) for keeping up to date with La Foresta‘s activities.

When fully operative, the space will host a venue for cultural events (cinema, concerts, conferences, presentations etc.), an educational room (courses, workshops, student projects, library etc.), a maker space (wood working, electronics, upcycling, sewing etc.), a hang-out space and kitchen lab, and an outdoor space for events and gardening.

The project is being fully elaborated through a 1-year (May 2018 – May 2019) co-design process involving all stakeholders, the district’s inhabitants, civil society, and experts from outside like lawyers, architects and designers. We are striving to engage in this project for ten years, in a phased and surveyed process (1+3+6 years).