In↑ers↑izi Rea↑↑ivi

May-December 2016 | | (scroll)

In↑ers↑izi Rea↑↑ivi – Reactive Interstities – was a collective self-education project in which, together with a group of 10 people, we visited and explored eight different community economies and commoning initiatives in northern Italy and Austria. We visited a self-organised cultural centre, a co-housing project, a DIY beer brewery, three agricultural initiatives and an international solidarity organisation. Each project was presented to us by one of its members and together we explored and mapped out the diverse economies of each case.

The group came together through a call for participation that we sent out to our enlarged social network in our region. We decided to send out a call because we wanted to form a group of people who had either already started out with a project dealing with community economies, or who were planning to at that time.

After visiting each of the eight initiatives on a Saturday, we would meet as a group the following day in order to discuss and analyse each initiative and to discuss our fellow explorers’ personal projects.