Hospitality School

April 2017 – April 2018

Hospitality School was a more collaborative, de-institutionalised and autonomous re-animation of QuerciaLAB, although this time in a more temporary and outcome-oriented format.

Like in the case of QuerciaLAB, also this project continued to be informed by the question of how the spaces we create as part of this research can work also as a resource for other socially and politically engaged initiatives in our surroundings, transforming resources yet again into an opportunity for encounter between different groups.

In this case, we collaborated with two other groups: Collettivo Mamadou, an activist group from Bolzano and AREA 527, an architecture collective from different parts of Italy’s north-east. Their idea was to build a wooden structure to be used as language school, legal support point and clinic for exploited and abused migrant crop pickers living in make-shift ghettos around Rosarno, southern Italy.

The modular structure was built over a period of six months, through the reliable work of an avarage of 13 builders, of which half were expat carpenters from Africa and Asia living in Rovereto and Trento, and most of whom we already got to know and work with in QuerciaLAB. The space where the modules were built was an unused industrial space in Rovereto given to us by a local company. On Easter 2018, the structure was shipped to Rosarno and assembled there, again in collaboration with six of the asylum seekers who built it in Rovereto. It is now used on a daily basis by different groups active in the area and it hosts language school (run by a group of local activist-teachers), a documents & job information desk (run by the union FLAI CGIL), a legal support point (run by Prog.INCIPIT) and a health education centre (run by EMERGENCY).

The whole project was made possible through a multiplicity of self-organised community economies and sponsorships and no public funding was involved.