Transition Town Totnes (Totnes, UK)

At the end of January 2015, I went on a three-day study trip to Totnes, in Deavon, home of Transition Town Totnes and of Rob Hopkins, the founder of the Transition Town movement. As for the visit to the initiative Montagna Viva, the excursion was part of an ongoing research of initiatives and project that constitute a framework of relevant operational reference point which I see COMUNfARE in conversation with.

Thanks to the organisational skills of TTT’s former PR coordinator Hal Gilmore, I managed to have interesting conversations with Rob Hopkins, Holly Tiffen (who is coordinating different food-related projects), Jay Tompt (who is coordinating the REconomy Centre), Nicola Lang (in charge of the Transition Homes project), Emilio Mula (a Spanish video-maker who moved to Totnes and now is in charge of TTT’s moving image communication), Carole Crellin-Whitty (coordinating Caring Town Totnes), and Ruth Potts (who is coordinating the MA Ecological Design Thinking at Schumacher College, where I also gave a presentation of my practice and of COMUNfARE).